S-Hande Sucker Vibrators SHD-S204

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    S-hande air vibrator adult sex toys female
    nipple clitoris suckers vagina clitoral sucking vibrator
    • SHD-S204 is a female sucking vibrator with a humanized design. It can also be used as a couple's toy.
    • The SHD-S204 G-spot and clitoral dual stimulation sucker from S-HANDE has a strong suction power.
      It can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time, and it can also stimulate the nipples. It will allow you to maximize the pleasure of orgasm.
    • The waist of the sucking vibrator can be bent at will, and you can adjust the angle at will according to your own sensitive points.
    • The nine-frequency vibration mode of the sucking vibrator that can be used by both men and women can be switched at will, and it will make you love it.
    • SHD-S204 has a USB magnetic charging head, you can use wall charger, car charger, laptop or mobile power to charge sex toys.
    • The sucking vibrator is small in size, easy to clean and carry.
    • SHD-S204 is designed with waterproof function, use it in the bath, the experience is better.

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